Completed Web Developer Course in nagpur

Module 1 Fundamentals
o Installing XAMPP
o Installing Eclipse / Dreamwear 8
o Web Programming

Module 2 Learning the Language
o Introduction to PHP
o PHP with Web Design
o PHP Syntax
o Variables in PHP
o Expressions
o PHP Operators
o Conditions, Events and Flows
o Loops
o PHP Functions
o PHP Arrays
o String Functions
o Date And Time Functions
o PHP Include File
o HTTP Protocol
o Header Function
o Forms And User Input
o Form Validation
o PHP $_Get
o PHP $_Post

Module 3 Database Connectivity
o MySQL Database and Queries
o Connection to MySQL Database
o Creating database and Tables in MySQL
o MySQL Data Types
o Database Terminology

Module 4 HTML
o Introduction to HTML
o HTML Elements
o HTML Tags
o HTML Anchor Tag
o Images
o HTML List
o HTML Table
o HTML Form
o HTML Events
o Div And Span

Module 5 CSS
o CSS Selector
o Applying CSS
o Internal
o External
o Inline
o Margins and Padding
o CSS Background
o CSS Classes and ID
o CSS Pseudo-Classes

Module 6 Applicability to Industry
o PHP with MVC Architecture
o OOPS Concepts
o File System and the Server
o String Manipulation and Regular Expression
o PHP Sessions and Cookies
o PHP File Handling
o Files and Directory Access
o Reuse Code
o Handling Emails
o JavaScript
o Ajax
o Email and Security

Module 7 Applicability Live web site
o Introduction
o Linux / window cpanel used for development
o Server uploading /downloading /backup /database

Module 8 Applicability to Industrial Projects
o Integration with Web services
o Shopping Cart
o Latest projects

Module 9 Web Application Framework / or CMS

o Magento / WordPress

Module 10 Android / iOs / Window apps PHONE GAP
o Native apps Development

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